Our Mission

To provide client companies with qualified personnel who possess the skills required to meet and exceed their diverse needs.


About R&D Personnel

R&D Personnel was founded in 1997 with the belief that strong work ethics are crucial to the success of an indidual's business.


Our Vision

To establish a partnership between clients that yields satisfaction, success and high-quality productivity.

why rd

Why R&D Personnel?

Staffing agencies are a dime a dozen and all promise the same services: reliable employees, fast turnaround, and at unrealistic prices. How are these Staffing agencies able to operate and provide quality employees at such rates?

The truth is they can’t.

What they do is use the Law of Large Numbers theory (quantity over quality).They underrate the screening process to maximize profits, and time needed to find quality employees. In essence, they send anybody who comes through their door, with the hope, that eventually the right candidate will be sent to you.

Why is this bad for your business? You have a really high chance of going through a number of unqualified employees before you find the right one. When you have poor employees in any business, it can negatively affect production, employee morale, and most importantly your bottom line.

At R&D our methodology is different, we have been using quality over quantity for over the last 20 years. Our staffing professionals strive to establish strong relationships with client companies to fully understand their unique staffing needs while providing valuable resources and opportunities for all job seekers. Our staff sets us apart by having experienced and qualified people in customer service, recruiting and accounting. This team effort results in higher client satisfaction, retention, and renewal rates in our company profiles.

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